‘Away-from-it-all’ getaway in Maldives

2 October 2015

My first post after arriving to this extraordinary place was captioned “words cannot describe”. So writing this is a tough task, but I will do my best. Maldives is that destination you always hear about with the words “amazing” and “unbelievable” attached to it. I don’t think these descriptive words do any justice, but maybe “breathtaking” would be a good word for me to start with.

My first stop of the 3-night weekend was Maalifushi Island, a pristine wonder in the archipelago’s southwest.

Getting there is an experience all by itself. After a 4.5 hour Singapore to Maldives flight, we landed in Male. From there it was a 40-minute seaplane flight. For 40 of those minutes the view from above is…yes...breathtaking! And this was before we even arrived at our destination.

The clear blue, turquoise and green waters are bejeweled by never-ending “atolls”. Atolls, sometimes called coral atolls, are ring-shaped coral reef's with a coral rim that encircles a lagoon. Maldives is basically a long and narrow country formed by 26 natural atolls.  Some atolls are in the form of a number of islands, which could be classified as smaller atoll formations. So you can imagine this never-ending scatter of wonder, looking from above it looked like turquoise paint spilled in drops, in the middle of the ocean.

Breathtaking view, taken from the seaplane

After landing in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it was a quick speedboat ride to the resort. For the first two nights, we stayed at Maalifushi by COMO resort. This is one resort you do not want to miss in Maldives! Upon arrival we received a warm welcome from - well…everyone! From the General Manager, to the Front Desk, Reservations and more – all with a smile and excitement for our arrival.

Our room was just a perfect continuation to the breathtaking views we experienced just before. It was beautiful, elegant, spacious, luxurious and pampering resting on these clear waters. This could simply be the perfect way to relax and become one with this paradise of an island.

The room has a private pool and personal access to the water – you could not ask for anything more. It was just perfect.

Maalifushi by COMO resort

Private infinity pool in the overwater villa

Maldives is well known for its snorkeling and scuba diving sites. In these beautiful reefs are endless types of marine life creatures. You can easily spot colorful fishes, starfish, sting rays, sharks (baby reef sharks, nothing to stress about) and my favorite – DOLPHINES.  We were lucky enough to see them while snorkeling, and also on a Sunset Dolphin Cruise which the resort runs. It was an amazing experience to catch the dolphins playing around and plunging in the deep for their dinner. This experience was one of my best throughout the weekend.

Dolphin watching on the Sunset Dolphin Cruise

The culinary experience – well...was aligned with all the rest – beautiful delicious seafood BBQ on the first night, amazing Japanese experience on the second. Not to mention the Stress Reliever drinks I could not stop drinking (not that I needed stress reliever, it was just delicious, healthy and refreshing).

After two amazing nights in this incredible resort, we were off to experience another Maldivian Island – Cocoa Island.

We got on a spacious and comfortable speedboat – it was approximately 35 minutes – and we arrived. Of course, we were greeted by friendly hosts that went out of their way to make us feel special. The level of commitment and service was something I have not seen in a very long time, anywhere! The resort, another by COMO – Cocoa Island by COMO – was equally breathtaking. Over water villas run through the water like an image from a postcard. “This cannot be real” was what was going through my mind. Again, we got a spacious two-storey room, with the bedroom on the top floor- much like my own little paradise on the ocean. The sound of water gently accompanies you while taking a nap on the comfortable “outside bed” or sun bed? Don’t know – was so comfy, I didn’t want to get up!

Cocoa Island by COMO – Overwater villas


This is what I call – a room with a view - breathtaking view it was!

The cuisine was nothing other than exceptional. Amazing unique cocktails and oysters started off the dinner on the beach. Followed by tortellini with prawns – best I have tasted yet. Breakfast was delicious with so much to choose from the menu, great way to start an exciting day.

The SPA is another MUST at this resort. Here they use their own signature blended message oil to calm the mind and rejuvenate the body.  This experience was yet another enjoyable pampering element in this paradise.

After 4 days in this memorable, pristine heaven, we were on our way back home to Singapore. 35 minutes speedboat ride back to Male and 4.5-hour flight back to Singapore –this is how close I was to this heavenly place that I will surely return to.

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