Bali Beach


21 June 2014

Bali is a place I always wanted to travel to, you hear people talking about it all the time. And, who wouldn’t want to go on a beach holiday where you can swim, drink, and relax?!

On your first night in Bali, you have to venture out to a beach somewhere to watch the sunset; it is a spectacular sight that you will not see anywhere else! The sunset in Bali is different to anywhere else in the world! If you want an even greater experience, go to the cliff-side temple in Uluwatu to watch the sunset and the evening Kecak dance from the locals! The show begins at 6:00pm every night. Hire a taxi to drop you off at UluWatu temple. You will know which way to go if you follow the crowd to the performance area. It is located right on the cliffs at the southernmost tip of Bali. Your driver will more than likely to suggest going to Jimbaran seafood dinner after the Kecak dance. The seafood is good quality, but the price is a bit high.

Climbing Mt Batur at 2am seemed like an absurd idea at first, then as I reached the summit of the mountain after a long hike, it finally hit me how much it was worth it, the sun was rising above the clouds and above the peaks of the distant mountains, it was a truly  beautiful sight. Not many people have seen the sunrise in Bali from the tip of an active volcano, well above the clouds, but for those who have witnessed it, they all say how it was a once in a lifetime view!

Snorkelling is something most people do when they go to Bali, you can go to one of the more common places for a relaxing experience such as Menjangan Island or Nusa Lembongan. There is also the option to do something the more exciting ones such as you can dive the USAT Liberty Wreck, which is an underwater maze of rooms, corals and fishes. This ship has been resting on the ocean since 1942 which makes for an interesting dive! The dive includes lessons, so if you’ve never been diving you can still give it a go! An Instructor will be with the group the whole time, leading you to the best locations in the wreck! If you are up for a challenge and think you can hold your breath underwater, I recommend the 3-day FreeDive course!

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