Cherry Blossoms – South Korea

13 January 2014

With its scenic beauty, unique cultural and historical heritage, Seoul has a lot to offer to visitors. A peninsular country with four distinct seasons, it boasts picturesque valleys, mountains, rivers and beaches. Throughout this beautiful natural landscape, there are numerous ancient temples and shrines, royal palaces, sculptures, pagodas, archaeological sites, fortresses, folk villages and museums.

When is the best time to visit? In my opinion, Seoul is beautiful throughout the year. You will get to enjoy different sceneries, festivals and activities depending on the season you choose to go. The best time of year to visit is autumn, from September to November. The weather is usually sunny and warm, and the forested mountainsides are ablaze with astonishing fall colours.

Cherry Blossoms

If there is a flower festival that should not be missed, it would be Cherry Blossom in April. No matter where you go, Sincheon to Gangnam, City Hall to Kkachisan, everywhere seems to share the same, uniform blanket of pale white-pink petals. This time of year sees a lifting of Korean spirits as people embrace the warmer weather and head out to enjoy the freshly blooming flowers. If you are looking for cheapest airfares, call Flight Centre Singapore to find out more. What is travelling without a day or two for shopping! Seoul has a great fashion scene, and the best place to shop is in Myeongdong area. Here, you can find popular international brands such as Zara, H&M, Nike, UNIQLO and the popular Korean brands too. You can bet to have one of the best shopping experiences yet!

Tips for travellers: Many stores in Myeongdong offer discounts for travellers to Korea. The type of discount and their requirements (e.g. spend over 50,000 won) differ for each store in the area. We suggest bringing your passport and/or e-ticket just in case.

If you are a foodie, Seoul will be a food heaven for you. These are some of the food that you must try; Soft Tofu Stew, Ox Bone Soup, Rice Cake, Sweet Syrupy Pancakes, Bibimbap (mixed rice) and much more. Be adventurous and try these authentic local foods from the streets!

Cherry Blossoms

When you are tired of the city life, you can take a domestic flight to Jeju Island for a few days which is a popular honeymoon destination for Koreans. Over there, you get to enjoy the unique coastal culture and breathtaking natural beauty. Besides that, there are many museums that you can visit such as the Teddy Bear Museum which was featured in the popular Korean drama ‘Princess Hours’, the Glass Museum and much more.

There are many other islands that you can fly to from Seoul. To enjoy the cheapest airfares from Singapore to Korea, call our travel experts and they will give you the best quote!

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