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30 November 2015
Let’s be honest, we’ve all daydreamed about travelling to a different country - vividly imagining what it would look like, the interesting mix of people you would see, the foreign sounds around you... Well now you can experience some of that wonder with Flight Centre’s new Virtual Reality in-store experience.
Flight Centre is the first travel retailer in Southeast Asia to use the emerging technology of Virtual Reality (VR) to fully immerse customers in a virtual world with a 360 degree view of their surroundings in the form of images and videos.
Virtual Reality Experience at Flight Centre

See the world like never before

Flight Centre is using Samsung Gear VR headsets, which were only released this year, to show you potential travel destinations and let you get a real feel for them. The VR experience was first available at the Flight Centre store on Cecil Street, and soon to come to the CityLink Mall and Plaza Singapura stores.
If you’ve ever wanted to feel the frenetic energy of Tokyo, look up at the sky scrapers, chill out at a Japanese temple and then walk up to a massive mecha straight out of an anime – you can finally do it all from the comfort of a Flight Centre store. So far Flight Centre customers can try out three different experiences – Tokyo, exploring the ancient Vietnamese harbour town of Hoi An and diving around the stunning coral and marine life of the Great Barrier Reef. 

A clever tool for the future

So far reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with customers excited at the way they can look up, down and even over their shoulder to reveal more of their colourful location. 
And rumour has it there are more destinations to come. Just imagine what it would be like to virtually stroll through the streets of Chengdu in China, clustered with locals playing Mahjong at tea houses, before witnessing thousands of candlelit lanterns light up the sky at the world-famous Lantern Festival, only to finish your experience by getting up close and personal with a rare giant panda.
Come to think of it, this use of technology in the travel sector potentially opens up many other uses. For example, what if you could see your hotel before you hit ‘Book’ or saw just how much seat space you had on a flight before handing over your credit card details? It brings a whole new meaning to the saying ‘Try before you buy’!

Leading the way with travel technology

Even if you weren’t planning on a trip anytime soon, come have a look just to get your hands on this groundbreaking new technology. If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not know that there’s a VR arms race happening right now, with big brands like Samsung, Sony, Google and Oculus all competing to bring their versions of VR headsets to the market.
If you did already have a holiday in mind, this VR technology could really help you to get a feel for the place. It might show you aspects of a location that you hadn’t considered before, give you a new perspective and even let you discover your next favourite destination. I mean, how many of us have really looked into the quaint World Heritage listed town of Hoi An?

Get excited about your next holiday

If you were in the process of booking your next adventure, seeing some of its best attractions would get you even more excited for the trip.
“This exciting initiative enhances the dreaming and planning stage of a trip and inspires customers to interact with destinations they may have never considered,” said Suyin Lee, the managing director of Flight Centre Travel Group.
It’s true - sometimes one of the best parts of the holiday is looking forward to it and anticipating that flight out! So come take one step closer to your next travel destination with a VR experience at Flight Centre.

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