Germany - Oktoberfest

3 October 2014

I knew Oktoberfest was a must do from the day I learned about it, it has been on my travel bucket list for years, when I finally decided it was time, I was not disappointed! If you like drinking, great food, and meeting friendly people from all over the world, then Oktoberfest is for you. There would be thousands of strangers clashing their one litre mugs together and filling the beer tents with songs. I had never experienced such an environment, everyone was extremely friendly. Everyone there just wanted to have a good time!

I started off my Oktoberfest experience early on the Saturday morning to avoid the crowd. I ended up in the largest tent where most of the travellers from other countries were!  One key thing I learned (the hard way, unfortunately!) was to pace yourself as you would be drinking 1 litre glasses of beer for the rest of the day. They usually cost around 10 Euros so drinking too much or too quickly might not be a great idea.

You would definitely meet hundreds of fun loving people while attending Oktoberfest, so don’t shy away if anyone wants to have a drink with you- everyone is your friend at Oktoberfest. The locals are all helpful so if you ever need to know anything just ask anyone! There is also a massive festival going on right outside the tent.  There are things to snack on, live performances, drinks (no beer outside of the tents though). 


If you have some extra time, book your stay for a few days after Oktoberfest and travel around Germany for a bit. The surrounding landscape is beautiful. There are large cities and even smaller villages scattered around Munich. You can take guided tours around country seeing all the landmarks and historical points. I would definitely recommend checking out Neuschwanstein Castle, which is a relic of a favourite childhood past time and is absolutely stunning! 

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