Music Festival


15 May 2014

From the pyramid stage to wonderful stalls serving homemade cider, the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts had it all. People from all walks of life came to pitch a tent, listen to great music, and experience some of the UK’s exciting culture. Taking place near Pilton, Somerset, England, this 5-day music festival (usually at the end of June) is definitely one of the biggest music events in the UK.

The 2013 Glastonbury Festival was really the best few days of my life. Words can’t fully express the atmosphere there – you had to be there to experience it!

So how exactly does one get to the Glastonbury Festival? Well firstly, my friends and I bought the off peak return tickets for about £82 from Paddington (London) to Castle Cary on the First Great Western rail. Upon arrival, we looked for the bus station, located next to Pedestrian Gate A. Then, we took the free shuttle bus (only for Festival ticket holders). Also, please note that the exit from the Castle Cary station is by a footbridge, so I would advise you not to bring more luggage than you can carry.

When we finally got through the main entrance, the first thing we did was to look for a spot to set up our tent, and thankfully that required only 30 minutes – With the massive crowd, I expected to search for at least an hour! At the area we chose, there were compost toilets with no water to flush, just a beaker full of sawdust – Until today, I don’t know how I managed to survive through that.

The Glastonbury Festival is famous for the variable weather conditions – In 2010, there was so much sun that festival-goers suffered heat exhaustion, but in 2009, there were heavy downpours accompanied by thunderstorms. Thankfully the weather wasn’t as extreme when I was there. It only rained once and I ended up slipping and sliding my way around the festival (a rather embarrassing experience, I must say).

Being at the festival was really like being at a party - everyone was dancing and singing to all the songs even though the bands were not as popular! The Rolling Stones were, without a doubt, the most hyped up band at the festival. Even though I only knew a few of their songs, I just had to watch this legendary band perform live. When the Rolling Stones finally took their stage, I was totally blown-away by their stamina! It was really the best live performance I’ve ever seen!

In overall, we enjoyed the experience so much that we plan to do it again soon. We survived without the luxury of showers and I have to say that it’s amazing what a bowl of water could do to make me feel clean again! It was a truly memorable experience for me and I believe that all music lovers should go to this amazing festival at least once in their lifetime.

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