Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

A gaggle of photographer’s capture their favourite Tasmania moments

25 September 2015

Earlier this year in February we sent five of Australia’s finest photographers on a trip to Tasmania to capture the sheer beauty, magic and mystery of the island. As you can imagine they shot some pretty amazing vistas, food and wildlife.

Here’s a roundup of each of the photographer’s favourite photo from the trip, and no doubt five more reasons for you to want to visit Tassie for yourself, if you haven’t already!


@craigparryphotography’s fav shot: the view of Cradle Mountain

"When the great John Muir wrote ‘in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks’ – this quote best describes my time in Cradle Mountain. The diverse landscape and wildlife this area has to offer will amaze you,” says Craig. Read our interview with Craig Parry 


@jasoncharleshill’s fav shot: the picture-perfect reflection of Cradle Mountain

"If I had to choose one highlight it would have to be the sunrise at Cradle Mountain. It’s really hard for me describe in words what I felt when I witnessed first light hit the face of Cradle Mountain while Dove Lake was showing an absolutely perfect reflection", says Jason. Read our interview with Jason Hill 


@taramilktea’s fav shot: mesmerised on Maria Island

"I would definitely recommend all the food spots first up! But I loved the vibes in Freycinet, the calm seaside in Swansea, the unique landscape at Maria Island and the fiery granite at the Bay of Fires", says Tara. Read our interview with Tara Whiteman


@paulmp’s fav shot: ‘The Nut’ in Stanley, on the north-west coast. You can take a chairlift to the top of the mount!

"If I had to choose four places to recommend to friends, they would be Cradle Mountain, Stanley and ‘The Nut’, Tarkine National Park and Mount Field National Park", says Paul. Read our interview with Paul Pichugin

@helloemilie’s fav shot: Bay of Fires

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