Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong

27 August 2014

Getting to Hong Kong from Singapore was a quick flight and wasn’t expensive at all, so it’s great if you just want a weekend getaway or a short holiday!

As soon as I landed in Hong Kong, I went to the Victoria Peak - a famous lookout that was recommended by everyone I’ve talked to. They can’t be more right about it, it was absolutely stunning! You can see all of the city, harbour and the mountain range in the distance behind everything else. It is a sight that you have to see if you ever travel to Hong Kong.

Lin Heung Tea House is a traditional tea house that has retained a 1960”s feel over the years, there is no English spoken here so bring a Cantonese friend if you don’t speak it. This tea house is one of the best places to eat Dim Sum while in Hong Kong, if you’re only going to try it once, try it here! If you still have an appetite after eating Dim Sum try the Lotus Paste Buns or the Glutinous Rice Dumplings, both of them are sublime!

If you’re looking for a market, check out the Temple Street Night Market! Once the sun goes down, the tellers have laid out their wares and the opera singers have started singing, people will start flocking in to this immersive market! While you’re at the night market, you’ll forget about everything outside and immerse yourself in shopping and chatting with locals and other tourists! You can buy anything from electronics, watches, trinkets, and food! There is a show every night, it varies from day to day but it’s always worth going to!

The Wong Tai Sin Temple is a must visit, it has a natural vibe and beautifully ornamented buildings which make it as much a scenic attraction as an important religious centre. This temple is home to three religions; Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Because all three religions are merged into one temple it makes for an amazing sight, a mix of three different building styles for each building, it’s stunning and is definitely a must see!

My last night in Hong Kong was spent at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, a beautiful seaside stroll that takes you past museums, cultural centres, and the Avenue of Stars. These aren’t the only things you’ll see, if you go at night your eyes will be drawn to the beautifully coloured skyline of Hong Kong on the opposite side of the harbour!

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