Korea - Boryeong Mud Festival

10 March 2014

When I found out that I would be going to Seoul during the Boryeong Mud Festival period, I was way beyond ecstatic. After being called one of the world’s weirdest and wackiest festivals by various news organizations, I knew I was in for quite the weekend!

If you're wondering what a mud festival is, it is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – A festival dedicated completely to mud, and getting covered in it. Thousands of Koreans and visitors would attend this festival and they would cover themselves in mud, roll around in mud baths, slide down mud slides and compete in mud races – sounds fun, doesn’t it?

My friends and I flew to Seoul a week before the start of the festival and we were able to do all our shopping and sight-seeing before heading off to Daecheon. To get there, we had to take a 2 and half hours bus ride from the Central City Express Bus Terminal to Boryeong, Daecheon. I would definitely advise you to pack light as it will be rather troublesome to lug all your heavy bags around.

When we finally arrived, the weather there was absolutely gorgeous, on contrary to the few weather forecasts that said it was going to rain. We unpacked our things, had an early lunch, and then got changed into our swimming attires.

To ease ourselves into the mud madness, we made our first stop at the Self-Massage Zone, which was open to public. Boryeong mud is full of natural minerals that are great for both the skin and hair and hence, I made full use of this “free” spa by literally dipping myself in it.

If you weren’t able to smother yourself in the mud earlier, it would be advisable for you to still get a little mud on yourself as soon as you get to the festival grounds – just so that you don’t risk being locked up in the Mud Prison with other mud-free visitors!

Once we were all smothered in mud, we walked over to the Mud Pool Slide where we went down a huge slide into a large tub of oozing mud. To gain access to this Mud Pool Slide and the other 14 facilities, which include the Mud Super-slide and the Giant Mud Bath, you will have to pay 6,000 won for a half-day pass, or 10,000 won for a one day pass (which was what I got).

While you would have to pay for these facilities, there are still other facilities like the Coloured Mud Body Painting and Mud Kids' Land which are open to the public! Also, please do not be alarmed when photographers start snapping photos of you as they are only trying to win some big money from the annual photography competition. Initially, my friends and I felt rather uncomfortable when they kept shoving their cameras in our faces. But as time passed, we actually got so used to it that we didn’t mind being models for the day!

It was indeed a wonderful and unforgettable weekend at the 2013 Boryeong Mud Festival. If there is one festival that I would recommend everyone to go to when in Korea, it will undoubtedly be this!

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