24 October 2014

I want to share with you why Melbourne is the best city to live in – WORLDWIDE!

I was living for 5 years in Melbourne and the lifestyle there is just fantastic. Melbourne is a city that can accommodate any taste and any type of traveller, from backpacker to luxury traveller, from coffee junkie to sports freak, from adventurer to gourmet traveller and from nature lover to party animal. 

For my part I am a sun lover, coffee addict and tennis fanatic hence, I loved everything that the city has to offer. The things that I enjoy best are swimming in summer, skiing in winter, hiking in autumn and enjoying a drink on a rooftop terrace in spring. The city has an amazing coffee culture and many hidden coffee shops where you will get better coffee than in Rome (Believe me, I did the test!).

As a tennis enthusiast, I like the fact that Melbourne hosts the Australian Open international tennis tournament at the end of January every year. It is right in the middle of summer and the city just comes alive with people from all over the world. You can lounge in many bars and parks to enjoy a picnic and watch the tennis matches on big screens set up all over the city. Or better yet, you can buy tickets to the games and watch the best in tennis battle it out in the Australian sun!

If you love tennis, this is something that you must do at least once in your lifetime! Also, there is a wide choice of day trips to do in Melbourne like wine tasting in the Yarra Valley, surfing on the Great Ocean Road, hiking in the Grampians and of course, visiting the zoo to hug Joey, the baby kangaroo.

Melbourne is a city for everyone.

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