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New Zealand Self-Drive

23 July 2014

New Zealand is the perfect place to travel if you want to see nature, with its snowy mountain tops, forest covered valleys, and the sparkling blue oceans! There are endless amounts of activities and things to see in Zealand, but I will just tell you about a few.

When coming to New Zealand you can travel around in many different ways, but the best way by far is the self-drive tours around the country. You get to drive yourself to every destination and take everything at your own pace. You can stop and enjoy the scenery whenever you want. Driving from one end of New Zealand sounds a bit daunting but sure a lot of fun. The best choice would be to drive either the North or South Island.

I decided to head to the South Island; I started in Christchurch, one of the larger cities in New Zealand. From Christchurch, I headed south down the coast towards Dunedin, making a few stops along the way at the beautiful beaches and small towns. Dunedin is a stunning seaside town with great food and a great landscape, ocean on one side of the city and high forest covered hills on the other. Coming in to Dunedin and when you leave there are lookout points which give you a great view of all of Dunedin and its scenery, this is a must see view!

Queenstown was my next stop on my drive but before that I made sure to go to Te Anau to see the glow worm caves and the beautiful lake Te Anau. It is just a short distance from Queenstown so it is worth the detour! Coming in to Queenstown you have to drive on the “Devils Staircase” which is not nearly as bad as it sounds.  The view from this mountain side road is breath taking. Gleaming blue lakes and rivers as far as you can see, surrounded by snow covered hills. When in Queenstown, you can go shopping and find almost anything you could think of. Queenstown is best known for its 5+ ski fields.

My final stop before heading back to Christchurch was Franz Josef Glaciers, this is a must see when you travel to New Zealand. It is regarded as “The gem of the West Coast” and for good reason, this blue ice glacier is one of the most stunning things you will ever get the opportunity to see and in this case get to be on the glacier. The day trip involves you getting a helicopter trip to the top of the glacier. You will be led to certain points off the glacier to see blue ice, ice pools and many other things!

In conclusion, my Self-Drive tour in New Zealand was a great experience! I loved being able to travel and do everything I wanted at my own pace compared to set schedule. The lake side towns were beautiful and it was overall a very relaxing trip. Self-Drives are definitely a must do around New Zealand.

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