23 June 2014

Phuket is an island paradise, surrounded by glistening water and golden beaches. It is a perfect destination for anyone who is looking for a relaxing holiday, which was exactly what I needed! You can head to Patong for a party filled holiday or to Karon to lay on a beach and relax somewhere!

I went for a generic vacation to Phuket, I ventured to Coral Island for a day trip of snorkelling and swimming. It is only 15 minutes away from Phuket; you can either go for a full day or just the afternoon trip! Coral Island sea life and reefs are stunning! The fish swim around you like you are not even there! The water is crystal clear so you can see absolutely everything in front of you- such an ideal location for photography!

The Siam Safari is a popular choice for tourists, who wouldn’t want to go on an elephant trip around Phuket? This trek starts in the morning and takes you all over the island while you are learning about the Thai culture, how the elephants are trained and kept, and many other things! The tour guide tells you all about rice farming and explains how the locals use it in detail! After the trip, you go on a short cruise on a “Junk” with a buffet lunch!

Old Phuket town was not what I was expecting! I was thinking there would just be old buildings everywhere, I was wrong! There are a few temples, Buddhist and Chinese, Shrines, Ornate Classical buildings and plenty of food and coffee shops to stop and relax at! There are even museums in old Phuket town, I gravitated towards Thai Hua Museum because of its beautiful interior architecture and history, old Phuket town is definitely a must see!

Phang Nga Bay was the final planned activity on my holiday. There are many ways you can see Phang Nga Bay, by car, yacht, kayak or canoe, and even by traditional Chinese Junks! I chose to see it via canoe so I could be closer to the scenery and immerse myself in it! Phang Nga Bay is well known for its Limestone cliffs and caves and its idyllic scenery! Being as close as I was to everything was a breath taking experience! I could see the Limestone walls and caves at touching distance! There are an endless number of beaches to discover and take a break to eat and go swimming and snorkelling! The tour guide was extremely helpful to those who had not been in a canoe before and taught us a lot about Phang Nga and Phuket! Canoeing around Phang Nga Bay was definitely the highlight of my trip due to the stunning scenery and tranquillity while you’re on the water and beach, I would urge anyone to try this!

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