27 September 2014

There are a lot more things to do in Russia than most people realise. There are in fact the endless amount of things to see and do while you’re in Russia! Regardless of which season it’ll be when you’re going, bring lots of warm clothes!

Vladimirskiy Cathedral in St. Petersburg was always going to be the first stop on Russia journey! This Church is well known for its unusual design, it had five domed towers and two different types of architecture; Baroque (Italian style churching) and Neoclassicism (classic western churching).  Because of the history of this church and the eccentric design, I couldn’t wait to see it, as soon as I got out of the airport I got straight on a train to Vladimir Square. Going by train to St Petersburg is highly recommend as the roads are rough!

Next on my list - The Kremlin Armoury, founded in 1511. This workshop has remained intact for 500+ years! While most of the valuable contents have been moved, you can still find many of the original weaponry, armour, jewellery, as well as various assorted gold and silver items there. Each floor is unique and holds a different variety of items. If you decide to go to the Kremlin Armoury, make sure to book your tickets in advance for a fixed price!

As for the food side of St Petersburg, there are two places I would urge you to try; Lavka Lavka and Delicatessen! Lavka Lavka is a little restaurant on Ul Petrovka Street, all the ingredients for each dish come from one individual farmer, each dish that I tried had its own unique flavour, but I would recommend trying the green onion dumplings! As for Delicatessen, the owners travel the world in search of ways that they can improve their menu and current food. All the staff are friendly and speak fluent English, the menu is vast and there is a lot to choose from!

As for my final destination, I travelled to the Ukraine. I went on a day tour through Chernobyl, the town that has been left abandoned after a nuclear reactor meltdown in 1986! This day tour is fascinating and sad all at the same time. To see that a whole town with over 50,000 residents abandoned was a unique experience. You would definitely want to try this day tour if you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous on your holiday!

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