The top 5 sea activities to do when in Australia

21 June 2014

When people think of Australia, they are often reminded of surfing. But while surfing the big waves is extremely popular among both locals and foreigners, there are still plenty of other activities that can be done in the clear blue waters of Australia!

When in Australia, you can…

… Go snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reefs.

If you are looking to experience the fun of snorkelling, I would definitely recommend the Great Barrier Reef as the top destination in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most accessible reefs and it offers excellent snorkelling. In comparison to the tedious training required for scuba diving, snorkelling only requires individuals to have the ability to swim (there’s really no need for fancy swimming techniques – just as long as you can remain afloat).

If you have not snorkelled before, give it a go and you will be richly rewarded. Many of the sites on the Great Barrier Reef are shallow enough that once you start getting used to the snorkelling equipment, you will find yourself mesmerised by the beauty below you.

And while you have the option of getting your own equipment and snorkelling at the shallow area off the coast, there are day trips that offer instructions and a guided tour as well. Some of these tours can take you to islands where you can walk straight into the waters off the beach and some may even allow you to jump into the waters from a boat.

I brought my nephews (aged 10 and 14) snorkelling a year ago and they absolutely loved the idea of swimming among the fishes! If you are travelling with kids, snorkelling would definitely be the best activity to do with the entire family.

… Experience the exhilarating Great White Shark Cage Diving

Are you looking to try out something extremely extraordinary when in Australia? Well, why not try diving with the Great White Sharks? If you’ve ever thought about this, your dream can now turn into reality with the Calypso Star Charters at Port Lincoln! As crazy and intense as it may seem, no sort of diver qualification or any previous experience is required for you to dive with the sharks.

Ideally, a group of 6 people can enter the spacious cage at each time. However, if there are less people on board, the number of people in the cage can still vary. And once the sharks arrive, each group will have the opportunity to spend about 45 minutes in the cage to face the sharks.

However, if you are afraid of the deep waters and are choosing not to go underwater, you still won’t miss out on the action – the Calypso Star Charters has its own cameras mounted on the shark cage, which means that you can just sit and watch a live-streaming of the underwater action!

On top of the excellent facilities provided, the shark cage diving operators are very informed about the Great White Shark, enabling those on board to learn more about these misunderstood creatures. The knowledge that you gain from these marine biologists will eventually get rid of all the negative perceptions of the Great White Sharks as you start to see that they are more than just a pair of jaws.

… Swim with the dolphins (Rockingham Wild Encounters)

swim with the dolphins in australiaLess than an hour away from Perth, the Rockingham Wild Encounters provides you with the opportunity to swim with the wild dolphins in the Australian waters!

It doesn't matter whether you are experienced with snorkelling, or are a complete beginner, because the Rockingham Wild Encounters caters for a wide range of abilities. So if you are feeling a bit nervous about the whole experience and have never snorkelled, I would definitely recommend that you go with this company as you will be in very good hands!

Swimming with the dolphins is definitely a “must-do” for all marine life lovers (and even those who like a little adventure once in a while) because it is incredible how close you can get to the dolphins! The feeling is almost indescribable – you really have to be there to experience it for yourself.

To enjoy your quality time with the dolphins, it is important that you follow the instructions that your leader gives – such as being quiet when entering the water and keeping noise levels to a minimum. Also, to ensure that you have a comfortable experience, you should probably get used to using a mask and a snorkel if you have not used them before.

In overall, if you are thinking of swimming with the dolphins, do remember that they are wild animals, and hence, it is important for you to approach each encounter with caution and respect. To witness the best of the best, it would be good to go there during the dolphin season in Perth, which runs from early September to early June.

… Walk underwater with Seawalker at Green Island

walk underwater with seawalker at green islandIn contrast to the 3 activities above, this particular activity might especially interest those who might not want to or are not able to participate in scuba diving or snorkelling. Unlike traditional scuba diving, the Seawalker enables you to breathe through your nose and mouth as you would above water. I would definitely recommend this activity to fellow contact lens users because it was rather rejuvenating for me to have been able to see the marine life without having to squint my eyes! 

Indeed, the Seawalker at Green Island is a low stress and fun underwater activity that provides individuals with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the marine life there. The activity is fairly quick and easy – there is no need to learn how to use the complicated equipment which are usually needed when snorkelling or scuba diving. And as you are only required to walk on the sea floor, this activity is perfect for those who cannot swim or are not confident in water.

Now, even non-swimmers can enjoy the same view that scuba-divers usually see!

… Go sailing around the Whitsundays

Whitsundays sailingSituated at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef on the north east tropical coast of Queensland, the Whitsunday Islands is a popular destination for travellers all over the world. By sailing through the famous 74 islands and visiting various secluded bays, you will be able to witness the beauty of Australia from a new perspective!

The Whitsundays is Australia’s sailing paradise and it offers the whole spectrum of sailing adventures for visitors to experience – You can choose to chart your own course on a bareboat, be with your own crew on a crewed charter, or watch it all happen on a premium yacht!

In addition to visiting spectacular locations and experiencing the beauty of nature with hardly another soul in sight, you also have the option to go down the boat, with the captain’s supervision, and choose to either snorkel or scuba dive in the clear blue waters.

To sail the Whitsundays, you can just book directly with any of the big companies such as Sailing Whitsundays, Whitsunday Catamarans or ProSail Whitsundays. However, I would advise you to book through a travel agent or tourist office as they can get better rates and deals, translating to more money saved by you. Also, I would recommend that you try to find a boat that leaves early on the first day or late on the third day so that you can get to spend more time on the islands.

There are so many things that you can do when in Australia, and there ways for you to enjoy the best of the country without any hassle. Feel free to seek professional advice from the travel experts at Flight Centre Singapore (6692 9778) if you require any help planning your trip and booking any Australia tour packages.

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