27 September 2014

When I stepped foot out of the plane, I got my first experience of the temperature in Asia. It was refreshing and warm such a change from the New Zealand where I had come from.

My first few days in Vietnam were spent in Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon.  This city is the perfect place for people who love to shop. Anything you want to buy, it will be in Ho Chi Minh. The best part about this city is the night market right in the middle of Ho Chi Minh Square with vibrant lights and people everywhere. The buildings surrounding the night market are filled with delicious food stalls. One in particular that I would recommend to anyone is Vietnamese Noodles, it is only a couple of streets away from the night market and the food is delicious!

My next few days were spent in Nha Trang which was only an hour away by plane. This is a beautiful ocean side town which is very modernised and has more retail shops than markets, so prices here are steeper. While I was here, I decided to go on a cruise to Nha Trang Bay which is world famous for its beauty. This was a relaxing trip, lying down in the sun on the boat, talking to the other cruise members and the locals. The Bay was beautiful with its crystal clear water and sandy shores.

My next destination was Hoi An. While talking to people while I was In Vietnam, a lot of them told me that if I wanted to tailor any clothes, Hoi An is the place to go. I had fun walking around Hoi An looking at the abundance of tailors and talking to the locals. The people in Vietnam are really friendly and like to have a good laugh.  I ended up getting my suit made from Yaly Couture, one of the larger tailors and it took less than a day to complete it. It was a great fit and high quality so if you are looking for a place in Vietnam to get tailor made clothes keep Yaly Couture in mind!

My last destination left on my trip to Vietnam was Hanoi; although my stay here was short it was my favourite place in Vietnam. There are so many things to see in Vietnam but the one thing I would recommend is the Hoa Lo Prison or “Hilton Hotel”. It is an old prison for the prisoners-of-war that the Vietnamese captured and is now made into a museum.  Many of the original torture devices are still there; everything has a plaque explaining the history behind things. I would really advise going here if you are into history or just looking for something interesting in Hanoi.Overall Vietnam was a great place to go, there was never a day where you have nothing do no matter where you are. The food was amazing, the shopping was fantastic because everything was so cheap, and the people I met were so friendly and welcoming.

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