Are you interested?

Step 1

Walk into our store at 137 Cecil Street on Tuesday 29/09 and snap a cool picture with your favourite destination.

Step 2

Tag yourself and start getting Likes

Step 3

Enjoy the snacks in our store!

20 People with most likes on their picture will win FREE tickets to Phuket!


Terms and conditions:

· Participants are to take part in the activity at Flight Centre 137 Cecil Street during activity hours 10:00-14:30 on Tuesday 29/09/15

· Participants will be photographed in the store by Flight Centre. The picture will be uploaded to Flight Centre Singapore Facebook page.

· Participants must tag themselves in the picture taken, on Flight Centre Singapore Facebook page and get likes by their friends to their pic.

· Winners will be posted by 20:00, 30/09/15 on Flight Centre Singapore Facebook page. Winners will also receive a private message through Facebook.

· Winners must pick up their tickets by 07/10/15 at 137 Cecil Street. The ticket to Phuket is based on a fixed departure from 13th November - 15th November 2015.

· Flight Centre Singapore reserves the rights to use participants pictures for any Flight Centre Singapore collaterals for marketing or promotional purposes.

· Flight Centre reserves the right to make changes to the contest without prior notice.