Port Klang is the largest port in Malaysia and a major destination for cruises, ferries and shipping. While not the prettiest of ports, it is a fantastic access point to some of Malaysia’s finest points like Kuala Lumpur and Pulau Ketam, and also international destinations such as Sumatra. The port itself does offer fantastic seafood dishes and a few discount department stores where you’ll find wholesale bags, clothing, watches and electrical goods.

Sights to See

Pulau Ketam, also known as Crab Island, is a small island worth a day trip from Port Klang. It is almost entirely made of houses, bridges and walkways sitting on stilts above the water. The island is like a Chinese fishing village so you can get your fix of fresh seafood and photographs of the locals working. There are also no cars on the island as everyone travels by foot or bike.
Carey island is another island accessible from Port Klang and is famous for its crabs, prawns and fish. Here you’ll find the Mah-Meri people, one of the indigenous Orang Asli tribes of Malaysia. The Mah-Meri have partially assimilated into the island way of life yet still retain their unique culture, and you can witness exhibitions of their traditional music and dance.

What’s For Lunch

The nearby town of Klang is well known for its delicious pork rib soup, or Bak kut the in the local language. It’s well worth the short trip from the port if you’ve got some spare time.

If You Only See One Thing

In the town of Klang, one of the prettier sights is the Sultan Sulaiman Mosque. It was built by the British in 1932 and is an interesting mix of the western Art Deco look and the Neoclassical cathedral style. 

Local Speak

If you’re in Port Klang, chances are you’ll be catching a few boats! A handy phrase is Be thwa ma lou le? Meaning, Where are you going? Be sure to use this before jumping on a boat so you end up in the right spot.


Dried seafood is the most common souvenir from Port Klang and its surrounding islands, but as some countries place restrictions on bringing food back into countries, we’d recommend hand crafted wooden figurines from the craftsman on Pulau Ketam.

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