London is England’s grand and sprawling capital city, set along the winding River Thames. London is a world leader in many areas, such as art, fashion, commerce, healthcare, media, transport and more. It is also the world’s most visited city, and continues to draw crowds to its breathtaking architecture, top museums and overarching sense of refined culture.

Sights to See

London has too many iconic buildings to list! However a few that are unmistakably associated with London include the huge ferris wheel known as the London Eye – highly recommended for views and photo opportunities – the World Heritage listed Tower of London, the clock tower Big Ben and the collection of buildings at Westminster Abbey.
Yet the number one most visited attraction in London is the absolutely massive British Museum. First established in 1753, the museum has close to 8 million artefacts from around the world and shows off art, human history and culture.

What’s For Lunch

You may not know it, but fish and chips – fried battered fish with potato chips – is iconically British. In fact it became a common working class food in the 1900s when railroads connected the ports to the cities and fish became readily available.

If You Only See One Thing

Few buildings say ‘London’ quite as much as Buckingham Palace. This is where the English royals live, including Queen Elizabeth II. The palace is located in the City of Westminster and consists of three large wings around a central courtyard. It remains an important site for all English people as it is where they gather for state occasions, royal speeches and times of celebration. 

Local Speak

London might be the home of the English language, but they have a version of English all to their own with some interesting local phrases. For example, you might be asked, All right? Which is a simple way of saying, Hello, how are you? And next time you need to say good bye, have a go at saying the very English Cheerio!


British hard candies, known as ‘boiled sweets’, are loved worldwide and make a fantastic souvenir for all ages. In London you can find fun retro-style shops that are dedicated entirely to these treats, and often hold the colourful candies in comically large glass jars. 

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