Why I love it...

Because it’s fun to conquer your fears on some of the big rides. We also went to Wet’n’Wild next door, which was awesome.

Paul, 11


Favourite Ride
Wild West Falls Adventure Ride - We got wet, which is a great way to cool down.

Scariest Ride
Superman Escape - The drop from the highest point of Superman Escape and the speed the carriage was going looked way too much for me to handle.  It is a crazy-looking rollercoaster that includes a massive loop that needed more courage than I could find when I was 10. Maybe when I am 12 I’ll give it a go. 

Best Souvenir
Marvin the Martian photo - Getting a photo with Marvin the Martian was fun.

Top Tips
Batwing Spaceshot - If you can get yourself on the Batwing ride, you should be able to go on anything! My advice is to try and step out of your comfort zone and have loads of fun.