Why I love it...

We stayed at Sea World Resort so you can get in before the general public while there are no queues. Also it’s a theme park and a zoo all in one.

Ava, 11

Favourite Ride

Jet Rescue - I loved how you got to sit on your own jet‑ski and it went around corners so fast. We discovered where the camera was and every time we went past, we pulled faces to get funny photos.

Scariest Ride

Storm Coaster - I liked it because it’s a fast rollercoaster, but it goes up a hill really slowly then drops down into water and into a dark tunnel and you can’t see anything for a while.

Best Souvenir

Dolphin photo - Definitely the photo I got with the dolphin after my dolphin swim. I love the way my dolphin looks like it’s posing for the photo.

Top Tips

Bring your bathers - We wore our swimmers with a rash vest all day because we got wet on so many rides. It was easy not having to get changed or carry bags of clothes.