Why I love it...

I loved Wet ‘n’ Wild because of the wacky family slides that we could race one another on. I loved racing mum and dad to try and win.

Max, 8


Favourite Ride
AquaLoop - I liked the mechanical waves and pool at Wet ’n’ Wild and the best ride is AquaLoop; we did that one again and again.

Scariest Ride
Typhoon and the Curler - Typhoon is terrifying and so is the Curler, which could hold all four of us. The T5 went dark in the middle of the slide, and the Bombora looked scary, but I didn’t do it because I wasn’t tall enough.

Best Souvenir
Sweet Treats - I loved getting a frozen soft-serve Fanta, which is my favourite soft drink from the Sweet Treats shop because it was such a hot day.

Top Tips
Bring your own - Mum says bring your own food to keep the costs down.