From its striking cliff top perch, the ancient Mayan city of Tulum and its centuries-old ruins form an exquisite panoramic view, one set against the crashing waves of the magnificent Caribbean Sea.

The perfect destination for an adventure-packed daytrip from Cancun or a unique destination in itself, the Tulum Ruins offer a glimpse into one of the most important civilisations in world history. With huge stone temples, palaces and walls, just walking this site is an awe-inspiring trip back to an ancient time. 

So too is the incredible location; the beaches and sea are added bonuses at this historic place. From snorkelling and scuba diving tours to kitesurfing and 'cenote' exploration, Tulum and its surrounding hot spots are a history lovers' dream and an adventure enthusiast’s playground.

It is a setting both peaceful yet dramatic and visitors cannot help but wonder what the script here might have been if it were the setting of some great Hollywood epic. The haunting ruins beckon as if waiting to reveal their secrets to anyone who will listen.

The azure waters of the sea and secluded beach cove bordering this awesome sight is the perfect setting for reflection, making visitors want to linger on even longer. Built in the 1200s, the Mayans used this city as a resort of sorts, and it’s no wonder that it is drawing people still today.     

The ruins are approximately 130 kilometres south of Cancun and just a 30-minute drive from Playa del Carmen off Highway 307. If driving, follow this highway and proceed to the car park where a parking fee will be payable.

Public buses run several times a day from Cancun and almost hourly from Playa del Carmen. Several tour companies also offer package tours with transport. If staying at a hotel near the ruins, some properties offer complimentary pick up from Cancun airport.  

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