There's no view of the Niagara Falls quite like those scoped from Skylon Tower. Sitting pretty at an impressive 236 metres above the falls, the Skylon Tower offers you a chance to truly see it all.

The Skylon Tower is an observation tower, recognised landmark and revolving restaurant all-in-one. A trip to the top in the iconic 'yellow bug' elevators takes less than a minute and brings to you the Observation Deck, where the views go on for days.

Aside from the spectacular falls, you can spy the Niagara Gorge, outlying wine country, the petite cityscape of Niagara itself, and the skylines of Toronto and Buffalo in the distance. It's fantastic to visit at night and watch the illumination of the falls, as the mighty sheet of water is lit up in every colour imaginable.

Come for the views, stay for dinner at the Revolving Dining Room. The 'height' of dining excellence (pardon the pun) includes offerings such as delicious roast prime rib, filet mignon, and a seafood symphony. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily.

Also in the tower is the Summit Suite Buffet Dining Room, which caters more to families. Open for lunch, brunch and dinner daily, the buffet includes a selection of fresh seafoods, salads, cheeses, fruit, and pastries.

A big selling point is the fact that there is both an indoor and outdoor observation deck. While many Niagara Falls attractions close in winter due to frosty conditions, the Skylon Tower Observation Deck remains open for you to soak in the views year-round.  

5200 Robinson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario
+1 905 356 2651
Daily 08:00–22:00
5200 Robinson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario